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4 Fundraising Games you can play at your Charity Ball

Although a silent or interactive auction may be the focus of your fundraising efforts, it is important not to overlook other games/activities you could be doing to raise even more!

Below are 4 charity games that we regularly help organisers incorporate into their event:

Heads or Tails

Heads or Tails only takes 10 minutes to play and is a sure-fire way to boost the funds you raise at your event. Firstly, a guest at each table is nominated to be the treasurer, this involves them collecting a donation in a glass or envelope from everyone at their table. The amount to play can be dictated by yourself depending on your audience and can vary from £1 to £20 per person. Once the money from each table has been collected the game begins. The master of ceremonies asks guests to stand up and explains that he is going to flip a coin and guests must guess whether it will be heads or tails. This is signaled by placing your hands on your head (heads) or your hands by your side (tails). Guests are knocked out if they guess incorrectly until there is one remaining. The winner then receives their prize!

Reverse Auction

A reverse auction is exactly what it sounds like, an auction in reverse. Your MC will state that he has multiples available of an item and will ask all guests to stand up if they would like the item. The MC will then ask who is willing to pay a certain amount for the item. All guests who are happy to pay the stated amount stay standing and everyone else sits down. The amount will then increase until the number of people standing matches the amount available of the item being auctioned.

Roll a £1 Coin

The aim of this game is to roll a coin nearest a bottle/glass to win. You will need to clearly mark a start line where all attempts must be made from (5 – 6 metres away) and let the rolling commence! The £1 coin closest to the bottle without touching it is the winner (once a coin has been used it cannot be reclaimed) and all money used to make attempts is kept as donations.


Raffles are a classic fundraising activity and can raise you a lot of extra funds. All you will need is a pack of raffle tickets and several items for the winners. Throughout your evening you can sell raffle tickets (decide on a pricing structure before your event) and then announce the winners at the end of the evening.

We are able to help out with any of these services if you book one of our auction packages for your event. To find our more about our service and how we can help you, get in touch!

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