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A Year in Review: Fundraising Trends to Track in 2018.

Fundraising Auctions have analysed fundraising trends and data from non-profits and donators across the UK.

2018 is predicted to be an exciting time for charity-giving, with the UK charitable market seeing continued developments. Here are the key tips to accelerating your fundraising efforts this year:


Millennials are not to be overlooked!

 Fundraising events traditionally target the older attendees, assuming they have more disposable income to donate on charitable causes. However, it appears the younger generation are acting on their ever-growing social consciousness, which is prevalent in youth society today. At fundraising events, data suggests that the younger generations are most likely to donate, in comparison to their elder counterparts.


Non-profits are continually embracing tech!

Non-profits recognise the importance of social media in modern day society, and view it as a critical vessel for effective fundraising campaigns. Alongside social media, charities are utilising the use of online video in their social marketing campaigns, and seeing significant success.


The EU Referendum has not made a negative impact on UK charity giving so far. 

Brexit caused concern over the economic state of the UK, and begged to question whether UK residents would continue to be as charitable going forward. From recent analysis trends, it appears these qualms are to be quashed; as data suggests the EU referendum has not negatively affected charity giving.


2017 has continued to see increased online donations being made from mobile devices.

 Non-profits have seen the rise of donations being made via smartphone technology. Fundraisers should utilise the power of Interactive and Online Auctions to stay on trend with the development of donators habits. Offering these services alongside more traditional fundraising activities is key.


Charity is not just for Christmas

 The word charity is synonymous with the festive period. However, it appears that this is not entirely in line with the UK’s charitable habits. Data shows the majority of UK residents are donating on a somewhat regular basis, not just in the winter months. To make the most out of your fundraising activities, do not limit your time-frame to the 4th quarter of the year, as there is a large market for year- long fundraising efforts.

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We were delighted with the amount raised by the silent auction – we had never used one before and were a little skeptical if the concept would work but it ended up raising over £2,000 for the charity – fantastic! The nature of the auction is very unobtrusive so you are raising money but without disrupting the event, which in our case was a black tie dinner. Would very much recommend this company – the quality of the products and the relevance of the product – were all excellent.

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