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Most Popular Items to be Donated for your Charity Auction

Often the greatest struggle for event organisers, is sourcing donated items to include in their auction for their event. It can become a lengthy process and if you regularly run charitable events, your pool of donators can become depleted. Our silent auction service is a great solution, as we already have a wide catalogue of auction lots on hand to provide for your auction; from the exclusive ‘money can’t buy’ items, to the accessible smaller packages.

However, donated items can be a great tool for raising funds as they have no costs involved, so more can be raised for amazing causes! We encourage donated items and can include up to 6 in your silent auction brochure.

Sourcing locally is generally the key to success, whether you are a regular customer at a local restaurant or have contacts at a beauty salon; using your pre-existing network is likely to result in successful donations.


Here are the most popular items donated for auctions:

 Hotel Breaks:

With thousands of Hotels across the UK, there is likely to be copious amounts of hotels in your area. Local hotels are often willing to donate a room for quieter periods in their calendar, for a good cause.

Gym Days/Personal trainer tickets:

Another popular donation is personal training sessions or gym passes. This has the added benefit of promoting businesses for the gym/trainer, and potentially gaining future clients!

Attraction tickets:

Family day tickets are a very popular item we see as a donated item, from local soft plays, to the bigger attraction parks, these can often be easily sourced for fundraising. Donating tickets can have an added bonus for the attraction, if customers have a good experience, they are likely to come back and book again!

Sporting tickets

If there is a local sporting grounds near you, often they are willing to offer a few tickets to an at home game to support your fundraising efforts. These are likely to result in high interest at auction if they are local to you, as there will likely be supporters of the team at your event. Equally, sports grounds are homes to various sportsmen and teams, and may be able to offer you some signed sports merchandise, which are always well- received by bidders at auction.

Spas and Salons:

Spas and salons can often be happy to donate spa days/ or salon services for your charity auction. These can be a popular choice from bidders, as they can be an indulgent treat to purchase for yourself or a loved one.


Businesses might be able to donate one or two items for your auction, which you can create a beautiful hamper. For businesses that can offer gift vouchers, bottles of wine, beauty products or items of this nature, these can be pooled together to create an attractive package, that can be highly perceived at auction.


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