Additional Services

We have a range of additional services that can help you raise extra funds at your event. Whether you are looking for an auctioneer or would like to try a reverse auction, we can help!

Live Auctions

If you are holding a live auction and need an auctioneer we can help! We have a wide range of experienced in-house auctioneers as well as links to professional comedians/compere’s who will entertain your audience and maximize the amount you can raise from your live auction.

Our auctioneers will also be able to offer advice before your event on which items may be suitable, suggest starting bids and a suitable run order of your event.

We can also supply any of the lots from our extensive collection if you need items to auction!

View our range of lots

In House auctioneer in conjunction with a Silent Auction

Option 1 – Donated Lots – £145

Option 2 – 5 Fundraising Auction Lots where we keep the reserve and they get every penny bid above the reserve – Free

Option 3 – Donated Lots and one Fundraising Auctions Lot that we keep all proceeds from – Free

In house auctioneer only without a Silent Auction

Option 1 – Donated Lots – £400 plus travel

Option 2 – Minimum of 5 Fundraising Auction Lots – £200 plus travel

Option 3 – Minimum of 10 Fundraising Auction Lots – Travel

All of the above are subject to availability.

External Auctioneer/Comedian

Prices starting from £750 plus VAT – contact us for availability.


Reverse Auction

Why not try something different…

Our reverse auction service can raise you a significant amount of funds in only 10 minutes and can be a bit of fun for your guests.

All you need to do is pick from a specific range of items that we have 10 or more available of and our Event Manager can conduct a reverse auction on site for you.

Step 1 – Request all guests stand up

Step 2 – Ask attendees to remain standing if they are prepared to pay £x amount for the item (starting at an amount over the reserve price). If they are not wishing to pay £x amount, ask them to sit down. You will now have some guests standing who are still in the bidding process, some guests sat down who have removed themselves from the bidding.

Step 3 – Repeat this process gradually, increasing the price each time- this will progressively eliminate guests from the process.

Step 4 – When there are 10 or less guests who are left standing, call them to the front where they all win the prize. 100% of the amount raised over the reserve prices across all items won, goes directly to the chosen charity or cause.

Prize Draw

Let us provide your event with a prize draw that can work brilliantly alongside any raffle you already have in place.

You can select from one of our £5, £10 or £20 a ticket star prizes.

We will provide everything required on the night including tickets and the star prize itself.

Our Event Manager will sell tickets on the night, we will keep the reserve price of the selected prize and you will receive every penny collected above that price

Heads and Tails

Everyone’s favourite Fundraising game…

This is a great way to involve your guests at the beginning of the evening and more importantly can raise a significant amount of money.

In order to play Heads and Tails or you need to do is ;


Step 1. Arrange a prize (we can provide this if required)

Step 2. Set a price to join in (this can be a set amount or just a donation of any kind)

Step 3. Place an envelope on the centre of each table (for the donations to be placed into)

Step 4. Have a coin


Either our Event Manager (if you are using one of our prizes or have paid for a live auctioneer/compere service) or your own host can then go on stage and conduct the game as follows;


Step 1. All of your guests stand up.

Step 2. The person on stage tosses the coin and your guests choose what they think it will be by placing their hands on either their heads or their tails.

Step 3. If they guess correctly they stay standing, if they guess incorrectly they sit down.

Step 4. The game continues along this format until there is only one person left standing who will be crowned the winner.


Why not try this?

Fun variations of this game can include asking questions, maybe themed around the charity, with two possible answers. Your guests select what they think the answer is by placing their hands on their heads or their tails, it works in exactly the same way in that correct answers stay standing and incorrect answers sit down but it personalises the game and can make it more interesting for your guests who can also learn about your charity.