Online Auctions

Our Online Auction service allows you to RAISE FUNDS without organising an event!

Our online auction service is the perfect platform to host an online auction. A good social media following or a large network of email addresses allows you to promote an auction to your supporters without even hosting an event. If you have already booked us for a Silent Auction then you can use it as a completely free add on to encourage pre event bidding.


Once we have spoken to you about your fundraising goals, one of our Fundraising Consultants will help you decide which service is best suited for you to maximise the amount you can raise.

Auction Set Up

If you decide that an Online Auction is the best suited, we will begin setting up your auction website.


Your auction will be personalised with any brand colours and logos that you send us.

Auction Lots

You can let us know during the build process of your online auction site if you would like to include any of our auction lots.

Website Launch

Once your auction site is finished it is ready to be launched! The best way to promote your site to your supporters is through social media or e-mail marketing campaigns.

Payment Collection

Once the auction finishes, winning bidders will receive a winning e-mail notification. Payment can be collected through the site or by your own methods.


Only after all payment has been collected for your service we will send you an invoice for the auction site build. We have kept the costs as minimal as possible, there is only a minimal set up fee of £295 and then 3% of the total monies raised.

Contact Us

Speak to us about your Online Auction today!

Why choose an Online Auction?

Each of our auction services offers a varied range of benefits. Below is a selection of benefits for using our Online Auction service!

Payment Collection

You can either chose to collect payment yourself or we can collect it on your behalf and transfer it to your chosen bank account.


Bidders are notified by e-mail when after successful bids, when they have been outbid and if they are the winning bidder after the auction has ended.

Auction Length

Your auction can run for as long as you like – a week, month or longer, its completely up to you!


All auction sites can be customised to match your chosen branding, making the site recognisable for your supporters.

Charity Information

On the home page of the auction site there is a section for to put information about the charity being supported, the work they do and any other information relating to the auction.


Pledges and donations can be made directly on the auction site.

Auction Lots

You can use any of Fundraising Auctions lots that you wish, you can browse through our Auction Catalogue and pick out lots that will appeal to your supporters.

Promotion auction sites are easy to promote and can be shared on social media to increase buzz and visitors to your auction site.

Unique URL

Each auction site has a unique URL that can match your chosen cause or charity.