Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that we get asked about our service, however if you still have a question or want to talk to us about our service we are more than happy to have a chat with you!

You can call us on 01273 311433 or email us at

Is your silent auction service free?

Yes! Our paper based silent auction service is completely free of charge with no risk to you or your chosen charity or cause.


Can we include donated items in the silent auction Brochure?

Yes, you can include up to 6 donated items in your silent auction brochure free of charge. 100% of the money bid on these items will also go straight to your chosen cause or charity.



Do you provide tablets for interactive auctions?

We can provide tablets for an interactive auction however our software can work well on any smart phone. Meaning your guests can bid straight from their own phones!


Do you offer a live auctioneer service?

Yes, our event managers are experienced auctioneers and can run a live auction for you. There is a small charge which depends on location and size of your event.


Why do each of your auction lots have a reserve price?

Each item has a reserve price as this allows us to offer our silent auction service free of charge. Each auction lot has a reserve price as this covers the cost of the item to us and also includes a small amount of profit to help us continue running our service free of charge. Whatever a guest bids over the reserve price is the amount that is donated straight to your chosen cause or charity. For example, if a lot has a reserve price of £100 and the winning bid for the lot is £500, £400 will be a direct donation.


Why should we choose you over your competitors?

We are confident that we provide the best service, where our priority is to raise the maximum amount we can from our auctions. We also guarantee to have the lowest reserve prices out of all our competitors and will happily beat any competitors price on the same item if we don’t!


Do you provide auction staff?

Yes, we will provide an experienced event manager at every auction. They will run the auction from start to finish (including answering any queries, collecting brochures and collecting payment from winning bidders) which helps take the stress off you!


Can I select a few of your auction lots as I already have a few of my own?

Yes, we can supply any number of auction lots that you wish. We have a full auction item catalogue which contains our full range of auction lots from which you can pick and choose the lots you would like to include in your auction.


All our lots can be supplied on a supply only basis as well.


Can I run an online auction with just one lot?

Yes, you can have as few or as many items on your online auction as you wish.


How do winning bidders receive their prizes?

We take care of all post event care. This includes packaging and sending out memorabilia/artwork and vouchers to all winning bidders. We also handle any administration regarding winning bidders organising their experience. We do the hard work so you don’t have to!


What areas do you cover?

We attend events across the United Kingdom.


How long does it take for the funds to be transferred after the auction?

All funds will be transferred via bacs within 5 working days of your event. You will also be sent an itemised breakdown of your auction. This will include the winning bidders’ details, the auction lots which sold and the amount each lot raised.


Which type of auction is best for my event?

Depending on the size and location of your event one type of auction may work better than another. We will be happy to talk through your event and offer our unbiased advice as to which route is the best to go down.