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How to Achieve your Corporate Responsibility Duties!

With financial year end in motion, new targets and budgets being agreed and a host of new recruits being introduced into the workforce; corporate responsibility is not in the forefront of most company’s agenda. Whether you are committed to year- long campaigning efforts for a specific charity, or just wanting to give back to an amazing cause, your fundraising efforts are more achievable than you may realise!


Manage Your Timeline:

A common mistake made by fundraisers, is not utilising the calendar effectively. With a fresh year just begun, it appears time is on your side to achieve your charity-giving goals! However, time evades us and before we know it it’s already December! Most corporate responsibility action is prevalent at the end of the year, which is already inundated with charity gala’s/dinners/balls. This can make organising fundraising activities difficult during this time; as attendees already have other fundraising commitments! Staggering your efforts throughout the year, is the key to success.


Network, Network, Network!

A factor that is often overlooked when planning fundraising activities, is to campaign to your existing network. Most companies already have a whole host of contacts that they can target to achieve their fundraising goals, but these contacts can often fall under the radar when aiming to fundraise.

A common misconception is that you need to have a large budget to organise a successful charity event, and this is not the case. If you have a strong network, you can fundraise without the expense of hosting a charity event! Online auctions are a great platform for you to host your auction throughout the year, all you need to do is market the webhost link!


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Effective Marketing

It can be disheartening when you have organised fundraising activities and you were not able to achieve your desired funds. You have done everything right! You held a fantastic charity event, with a large audience, and the feedback from attendees was very responsive. So, what went wrong?

Generally, the good work of the supported charities or causes is not largely understood by the audience. Event goers will have a base-level knowledge of what the charity/cause does, but do not have the in-depth information on the work that is being provided by the charity. When people understand how their donations will be benefiting others, and how it will be used, donators are more receptive and eager to support a worthy cause.

For successful fundraising, you need to have an ongoing campaign strategy in the leadup to your fundraising events or activities. Ensure you are running an email marketing campaign to all your contact/attendees, advising them what specific activities will be available, so they are prepared.


Use Your Resources:

A major restraint fundraisers have with organising fundraising activities, is being able to dedicate their time to make all the arrangements. Adding a fundraising element to your already pre-arranged company events, is an easy way to minimise time spent organising fundraising activities. If you already host an annual dinner as a thank you for your clients, add a silent auction to run in the background. If you hold a golf day as a networking opportunity for your network, you can offer auction services on the day supporting your nominated charity or cause. Building upon your already existing events, will minimise the added time commitments for your corporate responsibility efforts.


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