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Key Features your M.C. should bring to your charity event.

From the moment your guests arrive through to their departure, your M.C. is your key instrument in dictating the success of the evening; it’s success can be highly dependant on the part your M.C. plays. They have direct contact with the audience and can affect the tone of the evening as well as the conducting the crowd through the events proceedings.

5 key features your MC needs for a successful event:


1. Referencing

Your M.C. will need to be equipped with vital information about the charity, and relay this to the audience. The charitable aspect is the sole purpose for the event, and this can sometimes get lost throughout the duration of the evening. Having the ability to communicate key information and facts about the charity, and how the funds raised on the evening will be of benefit whilst maintaining audience interest is key. Audience members are most likely to want to contribute to the fundraising if they feel connected to the charity cause. 


2. Audience Relationships

M.C.’s should seek advice from the event organisers to advise them of key audience members to target throughout the evening. M.C’s should collect intel on who the influential members of the guest list are who are likely to encourage others, or individuals or tables who will help promote the atmosphere of the evening. Using this knowledge to the MC’s advantage can have a big impact on the success of the event.


3. Promote Services

Generally, there are a lot of activities going on throughout the evening, which will help boost funds- from raffles, auctions and fundraising games! It is important the M.C. has in-depth knowledge on these services, what members of staff are looking after each area, and the timings of each event, as they will be a key component to plugging these services to the audience, and ensuring they are being utilised.


4. Management of the crowd

Prior to the evening, a running order of events will be created so the evening runs smoothly. Realistically, on the day of the event there will be some disruption to the original running order. However, a M.C. will have direct access to the crowd and can be a big hand in preparing the crowd as to where they need to be and preparing them for the upcoming events of the evening. They will need to be organised possess strong time-keeping skills to ensure this process runs as smoothly as possible. 


5. Setting the tone

As dinner gets served, conversation flows, and drinks are poured, fundraising efforts can fall away from the forefront of people’s agendas. The M.C. will need to be able to bring the focus back to the fundraising aspect of the evening.

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