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How to Collect Donated Items for your Auction

One of the biggest struggles for event organisers is sourcing donated items for their charity auction. At Fundraising Auctions, we encourage you to incorporate some donated items in to your auction where possible; as 100 per cent of the profits will go to your chosen cause or charity.

However, knowing where to start and attempting to acquire donations is no easy task. Take into consideration your audience, and the auction items that will appeal to them. Sourcing donations can be a timely pursuit and can be disheartening if the item doesn’t receive any bids. Auction items that are generally well regarded at auction are: family days out, attraction tickets, spa days and hotel breaks.

A lot of larger organisations and companies are usually happy to give donations for charitable causes, although local companies might be more reluctant. When approaching these companies, be sure to relay the benefits that the donation can also have to their custom. Their product will be advertised for free to all attendees at the event, the winning bidders have the potential to turn into repeat customers and are likely to spread good reviews about their experience-which will generate further custom to their business! Amongst these factors, a lot of businesses will be able to upsell further services to the recipient through this avenue.

When approaching businesses, ensure to relay detailed information about the chosen charity or cause, so that they understand where their donations will be aiding. Companies are more likely to donate, if they can understand the benefit and the impact their donation will have; it might even be a cause close to their hearts!

Be sure not to overlook your contacts, friends and family may be able to offer services and items that you might not have considered; whether it is vouchers from their businesses, holiday home stays or personal training sessions. These can either be auctioned solely on their own, or as a part of a hamper.

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