5 Silent Auction Related Questions we are asked the most

We get asked all the time about one of the services we offer, our silent auction.

Below are 5 silent auction related questions we get asked the most.

1. What is a silent auction?

It is a simple & effective way for charities of all sizes to raise money at a fundraising event such as a Charity Ball or Golf Day. We put a selection of exciting experiences, luxury holidays and exclusive memorabilia into a brochure which is branded to match your event, each with a clearly displayed reserve price. At your event guests are then welcomed to place bids on any and as many of the items as they like using the brochures provided. For this type of auction sealed bids are used with instructions encouraging the bidder to put down their highest amount at first attempt before handing in to the auction staff. They are then privately told at the end of the event if their bid has been successful! Any monies received above the reserve price are a charitable donation to your nominated cause.

2. Is your service really free?

The answer is yes! We supply all auction items, staff members and payment collection all free of charge. Each auction item is provided with a reserve price which you will receive 100% of the money bid over the reserve.

For example, if an item with a reserve price of £100 sells for £500, you would receive £400 for your charity or chosen cause and we recieve the reserve price (£100). We do not charge for any part of our service.

3. What items should I include in the silent auction?

We will help advise you on which items to include in your silent auction, taking into account the guests you have attending, location, price etc.

4. How will I know how much money I have raised from the silent auction?

A few days after the event we will send you an itemised spreadsheet with details of all sold items, winning bids and bidders details along with a total sum to be paid to your chosen cause or charity. We guarantee to transfer this amount to your chosen bank account within 5 working days.

5. Can I have a silent auction if I already have a Live Auction organised for my event? 

Yes, our silent auctions can run just as effectively if they are the main focus of fundraising at your event or if they are accompanying other fundraising efforts!

If you have any further questions or want to talk to us about any of our services, you can call us on 01273 311433 or email us at info@fundraising-auctions.co.uk